Intentionally staffed.

We strive to understand our customer’s vision and mission before we begin. We’re your industrial workhorses for the modern age.

Zach Piñones


Zach is a people-oriented President with over 15 years of experience across commercial, industrial, and multifamily construction projects. With extensive hands-on and supervisory experience with construction systems, Zach brings a creative and refreshing perspective to budget management and value engineering. He consistently generates proactive and creative solutions to common construction issues that his clients can measure in dollars saved. Above all, Zach strives to overdeliver to his clients and maintains a servant-leader stance within Create Construction. He relentlessly strives to ensure the desires of his clients and subordinates are met above their expectations and come before his own. Zach demonstrates his core beliefs in all he does, which can be observed from Create’s exceptionally completed projects, no matter the size.

Alisa Piñones


Alisa brings order to the financial side of Create’s projects. She constantly guides time and cash capital to help deliver on-time efficient projects for our clients.

Tony Stuenkel

Director of operations

Tony Stuenkel is a visionary Director of Operations, celebrated for his people-oriented approach, self-motivation, and 14 years of expertise in management, procurement, and effective people leadership.

Mark Fuller

Project Manager

Mark Fuller brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in construction management, seamlessly blending technical proficiency with strategic foresight to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

kenny harris

Project Manager

Kenny Harris is a highly skilled and dedicated employee, known for his exceptional problem-solving abilities, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in every task he undertakes.

Cynthia Turner

Asst. project manager

Cynthia is an organized and hard-working coordinator with over 19 years’ experience in Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), General Construction, and Design/Build construction projects.

Elmer Hanners


Elmer is a team builder with over 28 years of proven industry leadership experience across healthcare, commercial, industrial, and maritime construction projects.

Danny martinez


Danny Martinez is an exemplary superintendent and employee, showcasing unparalleled leadership in construction management, and a relentless commitment to achieving project excellence, earning him admiration and respect among colleagues and clients alike.

Kyle Higgins


Kyle Higgins is an exceptional foreman known for his unwavering dedication, adaptability, and consistent delivery of high-quality work, making him a valued asset to our team.

jonathan shirley


Jonathan Shirley is a seasoned construction foreman and an invaluable asset to Create Construction, leveraging his military background to expertly lead and manage projects prioritizing collaboration, efficiency, safety, and quality to consistently deliver on time and within budget.

brian vizuet


Brian Vizuet is a diligent and resourceful foreman, renowned for his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to tackle challenges head-on, consistently exceeding expectations in his role.

Krystle Calderon

Administrative assistant

Krystle Calderon is a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set, adeptly handling various tasks across multiple domains with finesse and efficiency, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

landry abbott

accounts payable clerk

Landry Abbott excels as an accounts payable clerk, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills in managing financial transactions with precision and efficiency.